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Fishing For Bass

bass fishing tournament

Bass Fishing Tournament

Bass fishing is popular mainly because bass are plentiful in many areas. You can begin your bass adventure by calling local parks and recreational areas about their bass bounty to get ideas on where to toss your line. For example, start at any of these locations:

•    Reservoirs
•    Creeks
•    Lakes
•    Estuaries
•    Rivers
•    Streams
•    Tidal rivers
•    The great big ocean

Bass fishing season runs mainly from mid-Spring to early Autumn, with action brewing big time during the warmer Summer months. You can catch bass off season, too, if fishing is allowed in the area then.

Bass like colder waters, around 60-65oF, and head deeper to these temperatures during hot weather. The fish are active all day – and night – long,  so rent a boat and enjoy some evening sport, if you like.

Bass Fishing Pro – Online Game

In between bass fishing trips why not try playing this online game ‘Bass Fishing Pro’ :-) Use your down arrow to lower your rod at the right time to catch those bass fish (left and right arrows will move the boat).

Now Playing Bass Fishing Pro – Click Here To Play Bass Fishing Pro Again

Bass Fishing

Bass defined: A fighter, ever-elusive, choice game-fish, predator by nature and reputation, the one sought-after, prized hook, catch, reel-in and land, of many an aspiring angler.

Bass fishing is one of the most common types of fishing. When you are on the hunt for Bass, knowing the basics is like the lifeblood of your strategy, bringing your chances alive with every cast! A bass relies on cover for a means of protection and way of ambush. Cover is part of a bass’ survival – they will hide and wait for their prey to come to them.

There is a lot more the bass fishing than meets the eye. Once you are familiar with the species, different bodies of water, different and sophisticated fishing and angling equipment and accessories, as well as familiarizing yourself with habits, patterns and nature, behavior, natural diet and preferred foods, mastering some basic skills like preparation, presentation, tackle, bait and lures, casting accuracy, knots, hooks and the intricacies and complexities in retrieval and landing, the journey has but started.

caught largemouth bass

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