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Fly Fishing Hook – Parts of the hook

Fly Making Materials

Flies can be classified into several categories: dry flies, wet flies, nymphs, streamers, and bass bugs. Fly fishing flies are composed of three essential parts

1. The hook
2. The gut or loop to attach the hook to the line
3. The various articles tied on the hook for the purpose of imitating the natural fly (traditionally – now almost anything goes in the quest to land your fish!).

Some tools you will need when making your own flies are : Scissors, Bobbin, Bodkin, Dubbing Comb, Hackle Pliers, Hair Stacker, Whip Finisher.

Fly Making Materials consist of Hooks of all sizes, Dubbing Wax and Head Cement plus natural fly making materials such as Hackle, Goose Quills, Pheasant Tail, Marabou, Mallard Flanks (aka cul-de-canard), Turkey Tail, Blot, Deer Hair and Elk hair. Artificial or Synthetic Materials used in Fly making include Beads, Antron Yarn, Chenille, Foam, Krystal Flash, Thread and Wire

Fly Fishing

Fly-fishing is a hobby that many fishermen take up, to expand the possibilities of catching fish. Fly fishing is not just putting a worm on the rod and putting it in the water as other types of fishing may consist of, but fly fishing an art form of its own. Fly-fishing is going to consist of using a rod that is much longer; it could be seven to fourteen feet long depending on where you are fishing. A fly fishing rod is going to be very flexible, easy to break, but will bend with the weight of a fish on the end, and the current of the water.

Fly-fishing does not take place in the winter, but during the spring, summer and into the fall months. Fly-fishing is going to use the use of fake or tied flies to catch fish. The flies you may think about, as being in your home is just one type of fly. There are actually huge numbers of flies that fly fisherman will use, imitate, and put on their line to use to catch fish. Flies will vary in color, in size, and with that, what they are meant to catch from the stream, creek, river or ocean. Fly-fishing can be enjoyed on any body of water where you are going to head out fishing.

Fly-fishing uses a special type of rod. If you have never been out fly-fishing before, you need to check out the many types of fly rods available, and then proceed with the rest of your equipment. A fly rod will look very long, and will be very flexible, but if you are not careful with your gear, you can easily break it, just as with any fishing rod.

Fly fishing is a sport, just as fishing is. You will need a fishing license. If you already have a fishing license, this is also appropriate and used for fly fishing as well. Check for your fishing license, before you head out fishing or fly fishing, to avoid getting a fine. Often times you are going to get up early in the morning, and head out to your favorite fishing area. Checking all your equipment the night before is going to help you avoid any delays when it is time to leave.

If you don’t already make your own flies, you will find that there are many online and offline sources for flies. Flies will vary in price from as low as fifty cents to five dollars or more just for one fly. A lot of hard work and time will go into the making of any one fly, and the more specialized, or colored a fly is, most likely the price is going to be a little higher.

When should you be going back to bed instead of heading out fly-fishing? If the water is moving fast, if the water is cloudy, or if it is raining really hard – these are times that fly fishing is not going to be fun, and you won’t be catching any fish.

When heading out fishing, be sure that you have lots of line, more than just a few hooks, you have a good net to bag that catch, and you have a cooler to put your fish in. The rod, the reel, the flies, and your knife are also necessities that you most likely already know about. Be careful in some areas where trees are overhead, your line will continually be caught in the trees, and you will have a hard time casting out overhead, and over the shoulder alike.

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