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Fly Making Materials

Flies can be classified into several categories: dry flies, wet flies, nymphs, streamers, and bass bugs. Fly fishing flies are composed of three essential parts

1. The hook
2. The gut or loop to attach the hook to the line
3. The various articles tied on the hook for the purpose of imitating the natural fly (traditionally – now almost anything goes in the quest to land your fish!).

Some tools you will need when making your own flies are : Scissors, Bobbin, Bodkin, Dubbing Comb, Hackle Pliers, Hair Stacker, Whip Finisher.

Fly Making Materials consist of Hooks of all sizes, Dubbing Wax and Head Cement plus natural fly making materials such as Hackle, Goose Quills, Pheasant Tail, Marabou, Mallard Flanks (aka cul-de-canard), Turkey Tail, Blot, Deer Hair and Elk hair. Artificial or Synthetic Materials used in Fly making include Beads, Antron Yarn, Chenille, Foam, Krystal Flash, Thread and Wire

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