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Crappie Fishing

Crappie are small fish with a similar flavor to perch and range from six to ten inches in size. Although not as challenging as fishing for the ‘trophy fish’ Crappie do provide a decent amount of fight for their size and if you enjoy fishing but do not want to wretle the big fish crappie fishing may be an enjoyable challenge for you.

The Crappie are very common, so common in fact that in many places there are few, if any, rules and restrictions on the numbers of Crappie allowed to be fished for. So whilst you will still need a fishing license, many areas that support crappie have no limits on the number you can catch.  Time to stock up the freezer! :-) Even when there are limits are in place, the numbers are usually high enough that many people do not get close to reaching the limit of the number of crappie that can be caught.

Due to the crappies small size, it is suggested that you use a two pound  unless you are fishing in a region with bass or pike, and then it is suggested that you go with four pound test to allow you to catch the other fish that may be in the area. As pike and walleye may hunt in areas populated with crappie, this can open up other options for you and you may consider adding extra tackle to your kit to maximise your ability to catch the various fish available.

It is important to remember that crappie fishing is a blend between patience and a careful touch on your line. Ultra light rods are often suggested to see the play of a crappie bite, as these fish have soft bites. When crappie fishing, you will typically be targeting the bottom of the area you are fishing. Bobbers may be used to keep the lure in the kill zone, which is usually a little above the bottom of the water so you will need to adjust your bobbers according to where you are casting.  You will be less effective at fishing for crappie if you keep your line touching the bottom.

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